Where The Healing Begins…

A few days ago we asked people to say what sins tangle and trip them up. Here’s just some of what we got back:

Porn, lust, dodgy stuff in relationships, money, vulgar words, lies, game addictions, losing trust in someone, pride, selfishness, anger, guilt, comparing the way I look to other people, cheating on a boyfriend, gossiping, the way I eat…

On that cross Jesus experienced the full effect of each one of these (imagine that for a minute). Does believing in what Jesus did simply make these struggles go away? Well, no – not always. But it does mean we don’t have to be separated from God any more.

And that’s where healing begins…

What’s your response to that?

Read Colossians 2v13-15 here:


Everything That Hinders

‘Throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles’ (Hebrews 12v2)

Is there anything in your life that might be sin that entangles you?

When I was younger I struggled with pornography for many years. As good as the rest of my life felt, my struggles with porn felt like a rope around my legs that kept tripping me up.

There was no easy solution, but I think it came when I tried to do what this passage suggests – fix my eyes on Jesus and start running the race He called me to.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the failure linked to the sin, that we miss out on the hope offered by a Saviour. Jesus is bigger than any sin currently tripping you up and really can bring freedom [even if it sometimes takes a while to get there]

Run strong.

Read the story here: Hebrews 12