Belief to action.

“YOU give them something to eat.” That’s what Jesus said to the disciples when he was feeding the 5000 – Read Mark 6:37 – 44 (

Do you know what is great about that request by Jesus?
Jesus is about including people in His mission.
He is about people being practically involved.
That’s what faith is about!
Our belief should lead to action.

Jesus could have fed them himself. But He gets the disciples involved.
Faith in action means getting involved.

What do you need to get involved in, this week or month? Or the next few months?
Start today!
Sign up.


New Year thoughts

God’s watching over the world doesn’t mean He misses the details of our lives. Jesus teaches the disciples that God’s care covers everything:

Look at the birds, free to fly, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to him than birds.Matthew 6:26 (

Have you ever thought that God might be too busy to deal with your problems? Not a chance! We see birds everywhere and know that God’s promise to provide for them is a double guarantee that He cares about you.

Pray, thanking God for His watchful care over 2019.



Spiderman – Far away from home

In this Spiderman sequel, we enter a world where Peter Parker is without Tony Stark; Spiderman without his Ironman. You feel all the feels following Avengers End Game.

This got me thinking about how the disciples must have felt after Jesus died, and then again when He ascended into the clouds back to Heaven.

Read Luke 23:44-49 ( and Mark 16:19 (

And just as Tony had a surprise for Peter, which we see towards the end of the movie – Jesus left His disciples (and especially us) with an even greater gift – The Holy Spirit!

Read Acts 1:3-5 (