“I can’t believe that worked! The fool!”

“I know. It’s amazing what the dream of money can make people do.”

“I don’t care who he is or what he is getting from this. All I care about is that soon we will have this false teacher, this false king, this man claims to be God, in our hands.”

“And then what? He will never stop teaching the things He does. And there’s no way we can stop the miracles He performs.”

“Don’t you worry about that. There is a plan. He will soon be silenced…”

Read: Matthew 26:14-16 (




Honouring God

“Did you see his eyes? They were crazy!”

“I wouldn’t say crazy, I would say angry.”

“Well, no wonder He was angry, did you hear what He said about the temple being a house of prayer.”

“Yeah, and these guys had turned it into a marketplace, to sell stuff for their own benefit. They didn’t care about the temple or God. I think Jesus was right in what He did.”

“Really, you think so? Don’t you think it was a little extreme?”

“I don’t think so. But I bet you, the Pharisees aren’t gonna be happy about this…”

Read: Matthew 21:12-17 (





“Hey, did you hear? Jesus is on the way!”

“What, where!? I don’t see Him.”

“I heard He’s coming through to the city on a donkey.”

“A DONKEY!? He’s really special, isn’t He? Shouldn’t He be”

“Shhhhhh, something’s happening.”


“I dunno, but I hear cheering.”

“Wait, I see something, I see a crowd of people walking down the street. I see the donkey! IT’S JESUS!!!”


“He’s right here!”

“What madness is this!? Look at how all these people go mad for this Jesus! We can’t let this continue”

Read: John 12:12-19(




“Contemplating the glory of the Lord, we are being transformed into his glorious image” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Facebook stalking (gotta love it) can only give you information ABOUT someone. Knowing certain facts about someone’s life is not the same as knowing them personally. For the last seven days we had the inside track into Jesus’ heart. Seven times He’s said. “I am”. That’s intimate, personal knowledge. Not what He’s done but who He is.

Here’s the thing: today’s passage says one of the keys to a transformed life is looking deeply into the gracious, kind, persevering, forgiving, sacrificial, joyful heart of Jesus Christ. Will you keep looking, learning?