Read Titus 1:1-2 (

We know that the Word of God has an eternal purpose in our lives. What does this mean – it means His Word is a forever, never ending. Sometimes we are clouded by the troubles of the times, by what we see and the Information Age. Life experiences have a lot to say to us.

But, so does God. And His word isn’t just for now but for what’s to come. Because His promises are eternal, we can trust Him every day. We can trust His word every day.

So, the question is, who will you listen to today?


Screwtape Letters #2

“The humans live in time but our Enemy (God) destines them for eternity.” CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters – (posts from a senior demon to a junior demon).

According to Ecclesiastes 3:11, God has placed eternity in our hearts – He placed eternity in our very core meaning we are not made for the “now” only. We are designed for the “forever”. Let that fact sink in.

Don’t be suckered by the devil into living like this broken-beat up-fake-news-world is it. The creator of the entire universe has put a part of Himself inside of you – and that cannot break or fade or die.


The Road through Calvary leads us to Eternal Life.

The Road through Calvary leads us to Eternal Life.

Read Mark 16: 5-6 (

Imagine seeing an angel and then being told that someone you saw die is in fact alive? I don’tknow about you, but it would be too much for me. And that’s the powerful story of Easter isn’t it?

That not only do we mourn what our sins caused (the death of Jesus), but we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and because of that we receive the gift of eternal life.

As we gather with our families to remember the cross this weekend, let’s get ready to celebrate…
Because Jesus indeed is Risen!



If you’re anything like me, you left the cinema after watching the latest Avengers movie, Infinity War, broken. When some of our favourite heroes drift away, their bodies fading into dust, I was shaken to my core.

What next?
Where have they gone?

Lately I’ve seen the parallel between that, and Genisis 3:19 ( where it says we are from dust, and to dust we shall return. This may seem depressing, but isn’t it incredible that as Jesus followers, that’s not the end.

We don’t have to ask “What’s next?”.
We know our time here is short-lived, but our time in Heaven is eternal.