I can relate to Peter. You know, that disciple of Jesus. But not that part when he’s so courageous and gets out of the boat to walk towards Jesus on the water. That must have been amazing. But that’s not me. I can relate to the part when he takes his eyes off Jesus and looks at the wind around him. I can relate to that feeling of sinking and drowning.

I do try keep my eyes fixed on Jesus but so much gets in the way. I see what I don’t like about my appearance. I see all the wrong things I do and say. I see how much stuff I have to do in my day.

I’m glad You reached out to Peter. I’m glad You will always reach out to me.

Read Matthew 14:28-31



Could you guess which two words were the most commonly used on the internet this year? The Global Language Monitor ( says they are:

1) 404

2) Fail

K that’s a bit depressing… 404 is what you get when a web page-load fails. ‘Fail’ is, well…

How big is failure (or the fear of it) for you? Maybe in these exams, a relationship, on the sports field, your parents’ expectations?

Sometimes failure can be the kick in the pants we need. Other times it can break us. With your Father in heaven there is ALWAYS the chance to press reset, start again and grow strong in the broken places.

Trust him. He’s got you.

Here’s how Paul dealt with ‘failure’ in his life: 2 Corinthians 11v16 – 12v10



Does your faith in God feel a bit shaky today? Are you worried because maybe you’ve lost a bit of that AMAZINGLY DEEP sense of God’s presence you once had? Maybe these words reflect your life now: ‘my sins have surrounded me and I cannot see… I have lost all courage’ (Psalm 40v12)

A real kind of faith is not about desperately keeping up those cool-God-camp-vibes. It’s about keeping your life pointed towards God no matter how bad life gets. Keep calm! Carry on… toward God as best you can.

One of the best prayers to pray – at any time – is this: ‘Please, LORD, rescue me! Come quickly, LORD, and help me’

Read (and pray) Psalm 40 here: