How about doing something different with your faith today?
Here are some ideas and challenges for you:

1) How about telling someone why you believe in God?
2) How about praying out loud to God today?
3) When last have you read a chunk of scripture? Even just 10 verses?
4) How about playing three worship songs on Spotify and just singing to God?
5) Here is a tough one: today, for an hour, put your phone aside. Use that free time to focus on God. Just sit with Him

One last thing.
How about saying these words out loud: Jesus, I love you!


Faith in Action

Wait up! Before you rush off today, I need to remind you of something:
“God has a mission for you today!”

Are you ready for it?
Today, someone needs you.

Maybe you need to listen to someone
Maybe you need to encourage someone
Maybe you need to give someone a hug
Maybe you need to give someone some of your lunch
Maybe you need to notice someone
Maybe you need to be kind to someone
Maybe you need to speak life to someone
Maybe you just need to stand beside someone

That’s faith in action!
Read Matthew 5:16 here –