We sing a lot of songs in church about God’s faithfulness. And it’s easy to believe He is faithful when things are going well, isn’t it? I’ve had a year when I really had to question whether I believe God is faithful or not. Maybe you have too?

The thing is, we know from the Bible that God is faithful. If God never changes, then His faithfulness never changes either. Even when times are hard. His plans might not look like ours, but we know He works for our good and has good plans for us. Hold onto that truth.

2 Timothy 2:13 (




Oh no! You never let go, through every high and every low

What is your understanding of God’s faithfulness to you? Is it something you know in your head, or do you know it deep down in your heart? God makes a promise in Isaiah 46:4 to the people of Israel which is now extended to every believer today through Jesus’ fulfilment of the law.

Read Isaiah 46:4 here –

God’s promise is to sustain, carry and rescue us. Do you live believing God does this and will continue to do this? Ask God to remind you more of His faithful nature today. Allow the song lyrics to become your sound track of your life considering God’s faithfulness to you.