Insane Faith Stuff

Genesis 22:11-13 (

This part of chapter 22 is where things get really “crazy”!
Abraham is just about to kill his only son on the altar, before he hears a voice telling him to stop what he is about to do.
And then he saw a ram not far from them and offered it instead.

Exercising your faith will sometimes push you to the limit – but that is how we grow in our faith – by being obedient. We see with Abraham, God tested his obedience until the point of insanity and then God provided a replacement for Isaac at the perfect time just like He promised.



Obedient Faith Stuff

In Genesis 22:6-8( we see that when God asked Abraham to do something that requires “crazy” faith level obedience, Abraham just does it! And when Isaac asked his father where the lamb was that they needed for the sacrifice Abraham continued to trust that God was in control of everything.

We are quick to panic when things get too much or when too much stuff is happening that can’t be predicted or that is out of our control. Abraham’s story shows us how to stay calm and believe that God is in control of what happens.



Crazy Faith Stuff

Read Genesis 12:1-3

God chooses one man, Abram. He gives him a command – leave everything you know and go to the place He would show him. He also makes some wonderful promises.

But Abram was a surprising choice, because Sarai, Abram’s wife, was barren which meant that she couldn’t have children. So how on earth would a great big family come from Abram? How would this Saviour of the world come from Abram?

As we read through the story of Abram, notice Abram’s level of obedience to God’s voice!
Man! I want to be at that level with God!

We can see what “crazy” faith is like throughout the life of Abraham.



The Faith Stuff

2 Corinthians 5:7 (

Too often we are guided by what we feel and what we see. We allow the stuff around us to determine how we live our life, our decisions, and ultimately our happiness.

However, this verse challenges us to live differently. It challenges us to not live our lives based only on what we see going on around us, but rather to let our lives be guided by our faith in Jesus.

So today, regardless of what you see around you, choose to believe that God is working on your situation. You can know that regardless of what you see, God is good and you’re going to be all right.