Prisoner – Miley Cyrus

This song is about being a prisoner. Being stuck in something and unable to get out. Unable to escape.

Being caught in a cycle of sin and addiction can feel like being a prisoner.
Psalm 32:5 ( talks about confessing our sin and receiving forgiveness.
Romans 6:18 ( says Jesus has set us free from our sin.

When you feel trapped in sin, there are two good things to do. Firstly, pray! Remember who God is. Secondly, find a mature Christian you trust and tell them. Ask them to help you on your journey to freedom from that sin.

What sin do you need help with today?




I’m sure we’ve all experienced unkindness. How did this make you feel?

Many people walk around carrying so much weight on their shoulders. We don’t always know what the next person is facing or what battles they are fighting.

Ephesians 4:32( reminds us to have kind and forgiving hearts towards one another, these happen to be two fruits of the spirit as well. Being aware of our actions and words is always a good way to consider someone else. Speak a kind word, perform a kind gesture, have a kind attitude towards those around you. Wherever we go, let’s try to sprinkle kindness around like confetti!


What Now?

We have recognised that there is a problem (racism, inequality, injustice, gender-based violence), we raised awareness but what’s the next step?


Those of us who have been wronged, we need to forgive and not hold onto the hurt. The Holy Spirit is here to help us and guide us with this. Those of us who have not been wronged, how have we contributed to the problem?

When we forgive others, we make room for kindness, love and understanding. With less tension, we can discuss the issues around us in a more civilised manner.

I’ll end with this scripture – read Ephesians 4:31-32 (


Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker

#spoileralert for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest Star Wars movie! This movie is jam packed with themes of redemption and forgiveness and it’s hard not to draw similarities to the gospel. In particular, we see Kylo Ren wresting with his past decisions and being given the chance to redeem himself. The theme of turning from darkness to the light is strong, and so relevant for us as Christians.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve strayed; God will be there to welcome you home. No sin is too great for God to forgive. Just ask Him.