Prisoner – Miley Cyrus

This song is about being a prisoner. Being stuck in something and unable to get out. Unable to escape.

Being caught in a cycle of sin and addiction can feel like being a prisoner.
Psalm 32:5 ( talks about confessing our sin and receiving forgiveness.
Romans 6:18 ( says Jesus has set us free from our sin.

When you feel trapped in sin, there are two good things to do. Firstly, pray! Remember who God is. Secondly, find a mature Christian you trust and tell them. Ask them to help you on your journey to freedom from that sin.

What sin do you need help with today?




This sequel to Wonder Woman is a whole lot of amazingness and more. The way this movie was filmed, the fashion, the action, the storyline.

So here in 1984 we see Diana grapple with calling, purpose, and truth versus a lie. The price is too high to continue to live a lie and she has to make a choice. Will she choose truth?

When something is true, nothing can stand against it. Truth sets us free from the lies the enemy tries to get us to believe.

Read John 14:6 ( and John 8:32 (

When we believe and accept the truth of Jesus, we will begin to walk in freedom.




What an adventure – narrated by the main character, Enola Holmes herself – the teenage sister of the great Sherlock Holmes. Her mother disappears and she sets out in search of her. She had a plan but as we watch we see that she needs to adjust her plans a few times. Along the way she also finds herself, finds what she wants to do with her life, and finds freedom.

In life we can plan, then we’ll need to adjust those plans as we grow and learn. Most importantly, when we find out who we are in Christ and why He created us, that’s when we truly start living in freedom.

Proverbs 19:21 (
Galatians 5:13 (



Rapunzel was locked away in a tower all her life, only dreaming of freedom and what it’s like. The truth is that she didn’t even know that she was in captivity; she thought that this was normal and all there was to her life.

Many of us find ourselves in places of captivity – in our minds. These can be bad thoughts about ourselves, low self-esteem, feeling trapped by our sin, negative perspectives on life etc. These prevent us from being our best, and knowing true freedom. freedom through, and in Christ.

There is a way out: ask God to help you be free!

John 8:36 (