Kilimanjaro – Matthew Mole

Kilimanjaro is a song of companionship. A companion is someone you know, you do life with, you spend a lot of time together. Jesus calls us friends; I think He also asks us to be His companions.

The lyrics “Help me up, we’ll see this through together, tell me we’ll get through this stormy weather” shows companionship. Micah 6:8 talks about acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with your God. We are each on a journey with Jesus, our companion: He is in it with us.

How does knowing that we are walking with God as our companion change how you live today?


Are you a Servant or Friend?

A servants’ purpose is to serve without question. A friend is about relationship.
Often we define ourselves as God’s servants, required to do whatever He says, without question.

John 15:14-16 ( tells us Jesus does not call us servants, but He has chosen us to be His friends. He cares for us as a friend and has shared the Father’s heart with us.

God calls you His Friend, somebody He wants to share life with. So we serve Him out of love for this awesome God who sees a weak human like me as His friend. Let us talk with him and care for His desires as a Friend would.