One of my favourite most-quotes is this one, from Proverbs 27:6 ,‘Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.’(

Too often, the people around us would rather let us carry on making mistakes than risk having conflict with us [who enjoys conflict?]. But this verse builds on the idea of accountability saying that if we have people who truly love us, even when their words are hard to hear they can be trusted to help us grow in character and become better people. Those who simply “Yes!” everything we do are not real friends at all.



What do you do with a kitchen knife, pencil, or woodwork tool to make it more effective?
We get them sharpened!

Study Proverbs 27:17 (

In the same way that iron sharpens iron, we become more effective when we ‘sharpen’ each other! We do this in good friendships or mentoring relationships. We ask good questions, pray for each other and lovingly point out areas of life that need to change so that we live in a way that honours God and others better.

Who is sharpening you?
How can you help another to better serve God and others?



No matter what crazy idea I have – or what massive or random thing I’m excited about – I know I have a couple of friends who will stop what they’re busy with, give me undivided attention, and get super excited with me.

These are the friends who are happy to see me – whether I’m all dressed up or at home in my stokies.

These friends put the wind back in my sails. They challenge and inspire me to do the same for them, and for others. Because this is how we can be Jesus to people.

Jesus never dampens spirits. He never crushes hope or vision. He only ever encourages and uplifts – and he is always excited when we make time to be with him.





We’re to be like Jesus, right? Jesus is God. God is love. Love is patient. So, to be a little more like Jesus today – to let his love live in you and through you – ask him to show you where you could be a little more patient.

Like, wait for your friend who always takes ages to pack up after each class. Let your mom finish what she has to say before going ‘Ja, but!’ Listen to what your little sister finds exciting and you find lame. Breathe.

‘Love is … patient’ (1 Corinthians 13v4)

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