Your Generosity.

Is there a roof over your head?
Will you get 3 meals today?
Do you know Gods love for you?

Often, we have a poverty mindset that says we can’t afford to help, because we focus on those with more than us. Spend time with people with less than you and you will realise how privileged you are. Consider how much God has given you and you will realise how much you have to give. And when you see the abundance of what God has given you (1 Chronicles 29:10-16, you will be inspired to be generous to others.

Lord, help me to see what you have given me and to share what I have with others out of love.



A young married couple could only save R100 per month. They noticed a foreign Christian student didn’t have food money. It was a no brainer. The R100 now went towards the student’s food. And the Kingdom of God advances.

That wasn’t a lot of money but “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). We need to live generously and not only give when we have “enough”. We give out of love and obedience to God.

Be on the lookout for ways in which God wants you to be generous with your time, money and talents – and then give!



What comes to mind when you see/hear this word?
Look into Proverbs 22:9 (

Did you know that generosity brings blessing?

As we share with others, we bring joy to others and in turn feel joyful with them. The ‘poor’ could be the person at the traffic light, or the person in your neighbourhood who knocks on doors looking for food and clothes, or a fellow student who maybe has less than you do. Perhaps your church supports a homeless charity, or a home for children or the elderly.

What can you share and who can you share with?