The Voyager.

Every Voyager needs directions and needs to be focused on them – or else they would just be walking or going about their journey with no purpose.

God views us as voyagers.

We are all on this journey called life, and the holy spirit, along with the word of God acts as our guide, our compass. Spending time in the word of God directs our hearts to the way we should go in life and the decisions we should make. Along with this, God will be with you, direct you, and protect you on your journey as a Voyager.

Read Psalm 119:105 (



Creation sermon.

Have you read the book of Job? In chapter 38 (, God asks Job such great questions about creation, like:

“Where does light come from and where does darkness go?”
“Where is the path to the source of light?
“Where is the home of the Eastwind?

The world is full of wonderful things that help me get to know God. I’m fascinated by the variety of birds, like the formation of geese as they fly. (My list is endless.)

What in nature reminds you of our Mighty and Wonderful Creator God?
Read Romans 1: 20 (

Creation is a loud sermon pointing us to the Creator.
Are you paying attention?



His plans.

Read Jeremiah 29:11 (

When driving to a destination you’re not familiar with, you run the risk of getting lost (Depending on how bad you are with directions). But there’s one thing to remember, and that is, even when we get lost, the road to the destination doesn’t change. It’s still the same road even when we get off it, or can’t find it.

That’s how it is with God’s plan for our lives. Though life may throw curveballs our way, and we may get lost in it all, the Lord’s plan for our lives isn’t lost – His plan will happen.



Blank canvas

I can’t help but think, of what God was thinking, when He was busy creating us. What our journey would be like, the people we’d be, the personalities we’d have, what likes and dislikes we’d have etc. When God made us, we were a blank canvas before Him, ready for the artist to express His creativity with the intention of a masterpiece.

Who we are shouldn’t be ignored, because the artist had a masterpiece in mind.
Just as you are, your mess, your best – when God made you, He saw that it was good.

Read Genesis 1:31