Our Help.

I watched in shock and horror video footage of the looting and destruction going on in areas of KZN I know well that I had called home. Have you seen or experienced the same where you live? It can make us feel like God is M.I.A

Read Psalm 124 (
“If the Lord had not been on our side.” V1.

The truth is that God is on our side.
“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” V8.

Talk to Him about where you need Him to be on your side.
Your help is in Him.




Sometimes, it feels like life is moving so fast. We are bombarded with so much information, daily. It can all get overwhelming. Do you get like that? To add to it – we are part of a “maybe” generation. People don’t often stick to their “yes.” We get a SMS just before something we’ve arranged where they let us down. Perhaps yet again? So, who can you and I rely on?

We can rely on God. He sees you and me and worthy of His time. He will pull through. He will be there for you.
Matthew 28:20(

Why not tell Him today, what’s on your heart?



Look up.

Have you ever been hiking in the ‘Berg or up Table Mountain?
Even just looking up at a mountain gives me a sense of awe of our Creator! However, the views from the top are breath-taking!

Psalm 121 (

This Psalm is about looking up, ascending a mountain hence the title “Psalm of ascent”.
Here our Creator Lord is our Help, our Keeper. He watches over us in all our ways, our comings, and goings. He is protective over us, not resting or sleeping.

Will you look upwards to Him?
Acknowledge Him as your Keeper, your help?



God sees you.

Jesus sees what we’re going through. He knows our situation. He sees when we’re just trying to keep it together and when we fall apart when we’re alone.

He sees and He is with us in it. He is there beside us (Psalm 56:8 – God is our helper in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1 –, He is our refuge, deliverer, rescuer (Psalm 91 – and our provider (Philippians 4:19 –

We serve a good, good Father!
Whatever you are going through right now, know that God is with you, and He is your help.
Ask God, the Holy Spirit, right now for help with your struggles.

Psalm 33 (