Powerful kind of love.

I love a good action movie where the hero lets nothing stand between them and saving their family. Think any Liam Neeson movie LOL!

Romans 8:38-39 ( describes how absolutely nothing can come between us and the love of God. He doesn’t just look down on us as these cute little people He created. He loves us with a power that fights against anything that wants to stand between Him and us. He sees us as hella important.

That’s a more powerful love than any movie hero possesses. Take a moment today to think about what that kind of love means to you.



Today is THE Day.

Read Zephaniah 3:17 (

Try to think about these thoughts for the whole day long

God is right there with you wherever you might go!
He will protect you from anything that wants to hurt you today.
He is excited and so joyful about your life.
He has already forgiven all of your sins and you can now freely walk in His grace and mercy.

You can just focus on shining out His love and kindness to others today.

Think about this God is singing and rejoicing over you today!
Crazy right?!

Try and keep that in your mind today as you do you!



You are seen.

Last week I spoke about how God sees us through a ‘Jesus filter’ – which is why we get to go to heaven. But long before Jesus gave His life for us, God already chose us.

Do you get what this means?
Some of us wouldn’t choose to sit next to a person we don’t like, let alone sacrifice our lives for them. But God chose us, even before Jesus wiped away our sin. Like, God knew every terrible thing we would say and do and STILL chose to save us. He saw us, raw and unfiltered, and still chose us. Wow.

Romans 5:8 –



C for Chill, K for Know.

Read James 1:2-7 (

When you’re going through a tough time remember to tell God about it, pray about all your worries. James tells us to ask God for wisdom because He wants to give it to us generously. After you have finished praying, try not to overthink stuff and worry too much about it after you have prayed about it. You could also do something that you enjoy doing; I find this helps take my mind off things.

Know that you can talk to God about it all – the good and the bad; not only when you are going through something difficult.