You’re at the Wimpy, Joburg Airport. Suddenly God asks you to pray for your waitress. You find yourself standing next to the waitress, praying for her out loud. Trusting for Spirit-led prayers. You never see her again but believe this small act of obedience advanced God’s kingdom. True story.

God describes David as “a man whose heart beats to my heart, a man who will do what I tell him” (Acts 13:22). First make sure you can recognize God’s voice and then do whatever He asks of you – no matter how small or silly or seemingly insignificant. Simply obey Him.


Living With Grace

Have you ever experienced something you might say was grace? Grace is invisible, so if you’re going to see it, it will be because someone made it visible to you. Maybe in something they said, maybe in something they did – or didn’t do…

Who are the people you will see today? What can you do that will surprise them with grace? The challenge is seeing over the wall of our own concerns and cares, so that we are able to spot the grace moments where God can use us. And what enables us to get over ourselves like that? You guessed it – grace.

Hear Paul encouraging us to live with grace in Ephesians 4 –


What Would We Be?

Cape Town band, Goodluck (@Goodlucklive) tweeted the question #WhatWouldWeBe asking people what they thought they would be without those special people in their lives?

We’ve been talking about seeing the effects of God’s grace in our lives. But his grace – his love, his power – extends far beyond what we can see. God loves all people, not just those who love him back. And he works within us long before we ever choose to believe him. Even when we do embrace him, his work in restoring our lives goes far beyond what we can understand.

Why not thank him today for this invisible grace?

For God really does love the whole world.




Looking Up To God

Ever run out of airtime? Or lost internet connectivity? Had your favourite website crash, or your most useful app fail? What then?

A viral video ‘LOOKUP’ offers great advice… unplug from your phone/device and lookup and engage with those around you… (watch it here: )

The Creator says: ‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’

Why don’t you unplug and LOOKUP to HIM today?