When God doesn’t answer

Does God really love me?

Sometimes, like the people in Malachi 1:1-5, the bad in our lives makes us wonder if God really loves us. We miss the point. Look at it this way: Imagine an A4 paper with a small hole in it. What do you see? Most people tend to see the hole. But the hole is tiny compared to the paper that is left. Similarly, our focus is often drawn to the bad things, while we ignore all the good things that God has done for us.

Today, look to Jesus and remember all that God has given you.


Faith in action

Romans 12 is a challenging piece of scripture – I encourage you to go read it. But in verses 17 – 21, it talks about crazy things like doing what is right, not repaying evil with evil and feeding our enemies. Say whaaaat?!

How are you doing in these areas though? Are you praying for the people you don’t like? Are you reaching out to those who are different, even difficult? Are you trusting that God is going to avenge the things that need avenging – revenge cannot be our thing?

This my friends, is faith in action. How can you overcome evil with good this next week?



It can be difficult to stand up for what’s right. We are faced with different challenging situations that we feel the need to speak up about every day, and it can get quite overwhelming.

Where do we begin to make a change? Perhaps you can start where you are. Ask God for wisdom and be the one brave enough to call someone out on a racist remark, or point out discrimination. God tells us that we need to learn to do good, seek the right way, correct what is wrong – we are His hands and feet.

Read Isaiah 1:17 –