Why don’t I hear God speak?

Psalm 86:6-7 ( tells us God hears and answers our prayers, but we struggle to hear Him. Often this is because we have our say, but don’t take time to listen to Him. We are so busy living our lives, that we don’t see His answers to our prayers.

To hear God, we need to open our eyes to what God is doing around us. We need to quieten our hearts and take time to reflect, so that we can hear Him give us clarity and wisdom.

Lord, help me to slow down and make time to be still and hear what you are saying.





You are probably reading this on your phone. Go outside. Stop and listen. What do you hear? Probably the birds tweeting, the rustling of the leaves and also people chattering in the distance. Then in the car, you will probably hear a song you like.

The sounds of life around us are a good reminder to thank God. Now, stop and listen to the silence. Psalm 46:10 challenges us to “be still and know that God is the Lord.” Maybe it would also be a good practice to switch off all the noise and listen to the still quiet voice of God inside your heart

Psalm 46:10 –