Pain and suffering.
Disappointments and frustration.
These are life experiences we will all go through. Sometimes they’ll shake us up and have us question our identity.

Read Genesis 50:20 here –

Josephs story exemplifies this; from his brothers selling him, to being wrongfully arrested. Despite the trials Joseph faced, he still trusted God and God used him even in the storm. When you read the story you realise that there’s nothing romantic about his story. However, you also see that Joseph has that insistent hope that God will turn his situation around.

That is what faith is, it pushes against all reason and logic, and holds on to Christ even when all else is falling apart around you.



The CROSS brought HOPE

Read Romans 8:18-25 (

Ever hope for something you already have? Uhm, no – who does that!?

We hope for things we don’t have. When something is promised to us (like a gift or a favour or an outing or a meal) we wait and hope for that promise, like your dog might wait with excitement by the door for you to come home.

Because of the cross, we are promised a few things as we have just read in Romans 8 (write down what they are). And so now we wait, not with false hope; we can be sure of this hope – that what God has promised He will deliver on.

The cross is our guarantee of this.




Who is this child born in a manger?
Christmas is named after Him.
The whole world “stops” once a year because of Him.
Gifts are given because He was given.
Who is this child?

Listen to who this song says He is:

Jesus Christ, Prince of heaven, Prince of peace, the incarnate Word of God, hope of the world, is He.

As we approach Christmas, let’s celebrate Jesus. Thank Him and praise Him for who He is and for all He has done for us.

Read Isaiah 9:6 here –



What would you do if you were caught doing something to hurt someone you loved a lot? Would you hide because you felt bad, or try and beg for forgiveness?

Often when we realise we’ve sinned against God we go into hiding until we think God might have forgotten! Hosea’s encouragement is this, ‘Come, let us return to the Lord!’ (Hosea 6v1)

Coming back to God when we’ve let him down can be hard, but it’s also the most healing thing we can do. Do you need to return to God and tell him about some stuff?

Check out Hosea 6 here –