Jealousy is powerful

Feelings are really powerful things. When I get angry, it’s difficult for me not to shout.
But Proverbs 27:4 ( tells us that there is an even more powerful feeling than anger, and that’s jealousy. When you see someone else getting the things that you really want, that can drive you crazy. The problem with that feeling of jealousy is that there’s no release. It can lead us to feelings of anger and hatred for other people.

So how do you deal with jealousy before it makes you nasty? You need to take that feeling to Jesus, and remember that you’re complete in him. No amount of stuff that other people have can make you whole, only Jesus.


God And Gomer

Have you ever been cheated on? It really hurts deep down right? You feel betrayed, angry, sad…

In the Old Testament God tells Hosea to marry a woman who was known for sleeping around (Hosea 1v2). God knew Gomer would cheat on Hosea sooner or later and that it would hurt – but God wanted to show the Israelites that their sin was wrecking their relationship with God too.

When we choose to love other things in our lives more than God it’s kinda like we’re cheating on God too. What does it tell you about how much God loves you that he always stays faithful to you, no matter how unfaithful you’ve been?

Read Hosea 1 here: