I have a 400cc scooter that looks like a big touring bike. We call it “The Battle Star” (it’s a boy thing). Lately however, it’s been losing power, using more fuel and feeling sluggish. No matter how much I tinker with it, I still can’t get it to operate the way it was built to.

Sometimes our relationship with Jesus feels the same – sluggish, all show and no go despite our self-help tinkering efforts. Maybe it’s time to consult your original manufacturer. Jesus designed you, put you together AND knows what He’s doing.

“See, I am making all things new!” Revelation 21:5 (
Jesus makes old things new and new things new.



Finding You

Finley is a violinist who travels to Ireland to spend a semester studying abroad. On the way there she meets famous actor Beckett. An unlikely romance starts between them. Beckett helps Finley live life a little and have some fun. Finley’s outlook on life and her music changes, her heart changes too.

In life you’ll meet people that will give you a different perspective on life, they will change the way you may think about something etc. The biggest changer of hearts, behavior, thoughts, and destiny is Jesus! Gosh aren’t you glad you met Jesus? I sure am!

2 Corinthians 3:18 (




They’re on their way to Mars, there is only enough for the 3 of them and then they find him. And in the process of finding him, a vital piece of the spacecraft breaks meaning less oxygen, and the captain gets injures.
I won’t give too much more away, a decision has to be made, and Zoe ends up making a huge sacrifice.

This reminded me of Jesus. We were trapped in our sin with death being inevitable. But Jesus dies in our place, takes away our sin, and gifts us eternal life. We just need to say yes to Him.

Romans 3:25-26 (



I can only imagine.

Remember when you were a young child, would you also imagine you were a princess, or a doctor, or a
Superhero, or a cashier?

MercyMe wrote a song called “I can only imagine” that speaks about imagining the day we meet Christ. Nobody knows how or when, but John assured us in Revelation 21:4 ( that there will be no more suffering.

So, on days it feels worthless to keep going, being obedient or remain faithful remember that the day of no pain is coming and your perseverance will be worth it. That day is going to be so amazing!