Honouring God

“Did you see his eyes? They were crazy!”

“I wouldn’t say crazy, I would say angry.”

“Well, no wonder He was angry, did you hear what He said about the temple being a house of prayer.”

“Yeah, and these guys had turned it into a marketplace, to sell stuff for their own benefit. They didn’t care about the temple or God. I think Jesus was right in what He did.”

“Really, you think so? Don’t you think it was a little extreme?”

“I don’t think so. But I bet you, the Pharisees aren’t gonna be happy about this…”

Read: Matthew 21:12-17 (





“Hey, did you hear? Jesus is on the way!”

“What, where!? I don’t see Him.”

“I heard He’s coming through to the city on a donkey.”

“A DONKEY!? He’s really special, isn’t He? Shouldn’t He be”

“Shhhhhh, something’s happening.”


“I dunno, but I hear cheering.”

“Wait, I see something, I see a crowd of people walking down the street. I see the donkey! IT’S JESUS!!!”


“He’s right here!”

“What madness is this!? Look at how all these people go mad for this Jesus! We can’t let this continue”

Read: John 12:12-19(





Another epic, hilarious, adventure with the Croods! They need a safer place to live, which they find, but they have to live with the Bettermans… ugh. They don’t get along at first because of their differences but they learn to work together, accept each other’s differences, lean on each other, and become friends.

I love what Paul wrote about togetherness in 1 Corinthians 12:1-27 ( He’s basically highlighting how we are all different, but how all those differences are actually needed, and when put together we form the body, the people, the family, the church of Christ.

How can we be more accepting of each other’s differences?




This sequel to Wonder Woman is a whole lot of amazingness and more. The way this movie was filmed, the fashion, the action, the storyline.

So here in 1984 we see Diana grapple with calling, purpose, and truth versus a lie. The price is too high to continue to live a lie and she has to make a choice. Will she choose truth?

When something is true, nothing can stand against it. Truth sets us free from the lies the enemy tries to get us to believe.

Read John 14:6 ( and John 8:32 (

When we believe and accept the truth of Jesus, we will begin to walk in freedom.