I’m sure we’ve all experienced unkindness. How did this make you feel?

Many people walk around carrying so much weight on their shoulders. We don’t always know what the next person is facing or what battles they are fighting.

Ephesians 4:32( reminds us to have kind and forgiving hearts towards one another, these happen to be two fruits of the spirit as well. Being aware of our actions and words is always a good way to consider someone else. Speak a kind word, perform a kind gesture, have a kind attitude towards those around you. Wherever we go, let’s try to sprinkle kindness around like confetti!


Oh so kind!

We’re encouraged a lot to be kind to one another – I think it’s probably because kindness is rare these days. Choose kindness they say. But why should we, who are Jesus followers, choose to be kind. Simply – because Jesus is kind.

Titus 3:4-6( tells us just how kind He was to us. Because of His mercy, righteousness, and loving kindness toward us He saved us, washed our sins away, and gave us new life. So how can we (you) be more like Jesus by being kind to those around us (you)? How could we (you) sprinkle kindness around like confetti?


What Now?

We have recognised that there is a problem (racism, inequality, injustice, gender-based violence), we raised awareness but what’s the next step?


Those of us who have been wronged, we need to forgive and not hold onto the hurt. The Holy Spirit is here to help us and guide us with this. Those of us who have not been wronged, how have we contributed to the problem?

When we forgive others, we make room for kindness, love and understanding. With less tension, we can discuss the issues around us in a more civilised manner.

I’ll end with this scripture – read Ephesians 4:31-32 (



The movie WONDER is definitely a wonder – excuse the pun 😉

This movie is filled with friendship, family and kindness. It’s also filled with the reality of being bullied for being different and misunderstood.

Are you the one that judges someone based on their appearance or them being different or them being misunderstood? OR are you the one being judged because of your appearance, being different or misunderstood?

Whichever, Jesus calls you to be kind, to be a friend, to be love to those around you. No matter how you are treated or how you want to treat others – choose the high road, the God road.

Zechariah 7:9 (