Kindness x10

Read John 13:34 ( and 1 Corinthians 13:4b (

10 ways to show Jesus kindness and love:

1. Affirm someone
2. Send an encouraging message
3. Talk to the shy/new person
4. Explain the difficult maths concept to your classmate who doesn’t understand it yet #DontLusCalculus
5. Share your lunch with someone
6. Gently call out your friend when they are straying (yes that’s love too #biggerpicture)
7. Pray for your friends
8. Pray with your friends
9. Really listen to people (this one is hard for me)
10. Forgive and let go (more about that in the next #faithworks post)

What would you add to this list? How are you going to show kindness today?



When exam time comes around, I’m stressed man.

But other people are stressed too. Maybe there’s other hectic stuff going on that we don’t know about in their lives. There’s so many struggles that people are facing.

Proverbs speaks about anxiety weighing down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up – See Proverbs12:25 ( Be kind to those around you, do something to cheer someone else up. Let Jesus use you to bring His joy and light to someone. Send them a message of encouragement with a scripture. Buy them something nice to eat. Pray for them. As a bonus, you will feel happy when you make someone else happy. It’s a win-win.




We live in a cause and effect world. IF you bunk class, THEN you get detention. It’s natural for us to apply that principle to God – but it’s wrong.

God doesn’t fit into formulas, and His Kingdom ways are totally opposite to the workings of our world. It’s His kindness, not his anger or discipline or meting out of consequences, that leads us to repentance.

Paul writes about God’s wonderful kindness towards us in Romans 2:4 – read it here:

So, IF you sin, THEN God runs to you, and wraps you in His redemption.



Is there something you have seen or heard someone do (maybe you are that someone) and you thought to yourself, “oh my word, that person should never get away with that! I hope punishment rains down on them.”? Truth is we all deserve punishment to rain down on us. We were all born bad, sin made us bad.

BUT let’s read what Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:1-10 (

Instead of punishment and death raining down – undeserved mercy, kindness, love, grace (favour), salvation rained down. We went from bad to good. And not because of anything we could ever do, but because of EVERYTHING Jesus did.