Stay Away!

Lust is a real struggle! For guys and girls. In Proverbs, Lust is personified as a temptress lady:

“Keep your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house.” Proverbs 5:8

This verse is so practical and so wise.
STAY AWAY from temptation.

How often are we silly enough to put ourselves in dangerous situations that could lead us to do foolish things!?

Keep good company.
Don’t give the devil a foothold to lure you in!
(One moment of passion, can lead to a life of misery.)


Porn School

How often do you go to Porn School? From the responses we got last week, lots of WordSpace readers are regular attenders :/

Porn School? Yep – every secret viewing of beautiful bodies having sex in the classroom of my phone teaches me three things: the intimacy I so deeply and rightly desire is about having sex WITH whoever I want, WHENever I want, HOWever I want. That is seriously addictive – right?

God’s love school happens with real people where love learns to put others first. It’s about sex that expresses a deep, committed love-relationship with one person. That is seriously hard work. It’s also the oasis that truly satisfies.

Which school is shaping your heart-habits?

Here’s what Paul said about love in 1 Corinthians 13v4-7 here:



Digging For Water In The Desert

So what’s up with all that stuff that trips us up so often? Imagine a guy crawling through a desert, dying of thirst. Next to him is a great oasis full of fresh, cool water. But he won’t go there! Instead, he scratches at the sand seeking moisture.

Crazy, right?

Except that’s what we do when we seek to satisfy our deep desires for things like intimacy in broken places.

How much of the sexual sin so many people reading WordSpace said they struggle with is because we try satisfy our longing for physical intimacy in things like porn or fantasy or hooking up or …?

Your desires might not be the problem – just where you’re digging.

Ask God to show you the real thing that satisfies?

Read Jeremiah 2v13 here:

and Isaiah 55 here


I remember watching a sci-fi movie where alien beings could read each other’s thoughts and communicate without speaking. I was terrified! What if people could see the ungodly things that sometimes go through my mind: the anger, the pride, the lust, the greed?

The woman at the well in John 4 must have been astounded when a complete stranger described her history of failed intimate relationships. Awkward moment of note

Your secrets aren’t secret to God. He loves you, the whole you, the broken you. His body was broken so you could be made whole. Jesus invites us out of the things that tie us up, and into the joy of living free and openly with Him. Will you accept the invitation?

Read the story in John 4 here:

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