Bitter Water

Are there worse things to drink than flat coke, cold tea and lukewarm milk? How about some bitter water!?

Read Exodus 15:22-25a (

The Israelites hadn’t drunk water for three days. That’s going to make anyone super thirsty and grumpy. And when they finally found water, it was bitter.

So, they went to Moses and complained, and Moses went to God asking for help. God’s solution? Throw a branch into the water. Pretty strange but now the water was good to drink.

When life gives you lemons (bitter water), don’t just complain about it. Ask God for help.


Uniquely Purposed

When God created us, He created us for a special purpose. With a unique set of skills, talents, strengths etc.

So when God calls us to work for Him, He simply asks: “What’s in your hand?” Just as He asked Moses ( Whatever skills, talents and strengths you have already been blessed with, can be used for the kingdom of God!

Sometimes we feel so insignificant, and not worthy enough to be used by God. But like Moses, we shouldn’t be focusing on what we can’t do, but on what God can do through us!

This is where our confidence should come from.



It started out as my mountain getaway birthday weekend. Just me, my wife, a few friends and my two dogs. All fun-times until my wife disappeared out of sight as she fell down the ravine. No picture – just that sound of flesh hitting rock again and again – and then the deafening silence. Was she alive? Had she graduated to Heaven?

Check out Exodus 3: 12-16 here:

God told Moses that His nature would become evident through His actions. In the eternity of those few seconds, through the ferocious screams inside of me, I found I could trust Jesus especially when I couldn’t trust myself.