Love and Monsters is set 7-years after the monster-pocalypse with the human race hiding in bunkers and monsters roaming the earth. Joel is in one bunker and his girlfriend Aimee in another over 120km away. The movie follows Joel’s journey to find Aimee. One word sums up his journey: perseverance.

1 Timothy 4:11-16 ( focuses on being a devoted Christian by reading scripture, sharing about Jesus, and using our gifts. The verse ends with encouraging us to persevere. In our faith journey, we will be distracted, struggle and find things hard at times but we must learn to persevere!

Which area do you need to persevere in today?



In Thunder Force, two childhood friends use science to become superheroes who can fight crime committed by miscreants who use their superpowers for bad purposes. This crime fighting duo called Thunder Force seek justice even if it puts themselves in harm’s way.

One of the core themes that runs through the Bible is justice, it is seen in Old Testament and New. God loves, seeks and enacts justice. (Isaiah 61:8 – God also desires us, His followers to join in His work of justice too. (Micah 6:8 –

What does it mean for you today to join God in his justice mission?



Beauty and the Beast

The most obvious lesson we can learn from beauty and the beast is about not judging based on outward appearances. Like the singing teapot says, it’s a tale as old as time. What I love about the new remake of the classic fairy tale is Belle’s courage. She finds herself in circumstances beyond her control, facing a fear she cannot understand, and still she is brave, honest and true to herself.

Psalm 56:3 ( tells us that when we face uncertainty, we should put our trust in God, and not be afraid. When we trust God, that is where we find our courage.





If you need a ‘lekker lag’ and just want to watch something fun then this is it!
What could be better than one whole day where no one is allowed to say NO.

Some truths that come out of this film are:
– For every choice you make there will be a reaction (a consequence); good or bad depending on the choice.
– Communication is very important in relationships.
– Empathy (understanding) is also a key ingredient to solid relationships.

Ultimately, it’s a movie about relationships.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7( gives us a key ingredient to having strong relationships with one another.