There are days where it can feel like the end of the world. And on those days, you should.break out into song!


That’s right we all need elevator moments. Moments to pause amidst all the crazy stuff going on in our day (like fighting Shredder) and shift our focus by singing a song of praise (you can make it a rap if you want!).

Paul and Silas do it whilst in prison and look what happens.
Read Acts 16:25-26 here:

Praise is like your ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card. Whatever is getting you down will loosen its grip when you sing praise to God.



Because it’s the week of Valentine let’s think Romance in the movies.

How about this scene –

Not the most romantic right but still very sincere. You have to applaud Amy for making herself vulnerable by singing a solo and going to such great lengths to express her love for Bumper.

We don’t often (if ever) view the cross as ‘romantic’, however it is the place God made himself most vulnerable, going to the extreme length of giving up his life just for us. In a crazy way it ‘ticks’ the romance box.

Reflect on the kind of love God has for you by reading Romans 5:8 here –



Wonder Woman was/is/and will remain an AMAZING movie, which you just have to watch again. Favourite scene?
Mine is the part where Wonder Woman leaps up out of the trenches to walk across ‘no-man’s-land’ to face the German enemy –

Why? It reminds me that everyday Jesus goes before me taking on enemy fire, helping me get through the day.

Read Colossians 1:11-14 here:

Jesus made the choice and did what was impossible for us to do by defeating Satan and today we can rejoice as Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom.

Cross your ‘no-man’s-land day’ covered in this truth.