Man of your word.

Have you ever made a promise you couldn’t keep or has someone done that with you?
It can be painful and disappointing when this happens.

God doesn’t have this problem and Maverick City Music sings about this in their song “Man of your word”. In Joshua 21:45 ( we see that God promised many things to Israel and not one promise was broken. Everything he said came true.

So, whenever God promises you something in his word, remember that those promises will never be broken. If he said it then we can definitely believe it.



I can only imagine.

Remember when you were a young child, would you also imagine you were a princess, or a doctor, or a
Superhero, or a cashier?

MercyMe wrote a song called “I can only imagine” that speaks about imagining the day we meet Christ. Nobody knows how or when, but John assured us in Revelation 21:4 ( that there will be no more suffering.

So, on days it feels worthless to keep going, being obedient or remain faithful remember that the day of no pain is coming and your perseverance will be worth it. That day is going to be so amazing!



Let it rain

Lately Cape Town has been experiencing a lot of rain and every time I see the grey clouds outside my window I think of Heinz Winckler’s song “Let it rain”. In this song he cries out to God to open the floodgates of heaven.

In the same way the dams catch and store the rain, we as God’s children should be ready to catch and store up all God wants to tell us and bless us with. Paul tells us in Acts 1:8 (, that the Holy Spirit will pour out on us and we need to be ready to receive Him, whenever, wherever.



How will I know

Whitney Houston released many hits a while ago. One was called “How will I know” and in the song she asks the question, “How will I know if he really loves me?”.

When it comes to God’s love, we don’t have to question “how we’ll know” like Whitney does in her song.
Read John 3:16 (
God makes it clear and simple as to how much He loves us.

So, whenever you’re doubting God’s love or find yourself asking “How do I know He loves me?” – remember that it was shown on the cross and there’s no doubt in that.