Ever seen an animal get trapped in one of those “foot-hold” traps or snares? No matter what the poor thing does, they cannot free themselves – and most of the time the more they struggle, the more hurt and trapped they get.

When an animal is trapped, they need someone to come and free them, let them out.

When sin entered the Garden of Eden in Genesis, it trapped us into an eternity of death. We needed someone, a perfect someone, someone without sin, to free us. This someone was Jesus, He freed us from sin and death on the cross.

Read Romans 8:1-4 here:



Palm Sunday – the start of holy week (also referred to as the passion week). The week before Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. It’s called Palm Sunday, because as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, people waving palm tree leaves greeted Him with praise and celebration. Who would have thought that a week later those shouts of praise would turn into shouts of hate.

Read about it in John 12 (

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