Skater Girl

Prerna lives in rural India and discovers the amazingness of skateboarding, with the help of a visitor to her village. It changes the way she sees and thinks about herself. She faces a rough time about it though (especially from her father) and has to fight her way to be able to compete in the local skateboarding competition.

Jesus is all about changing our perspective, and the way we think about ourselves. The more time we spend reading His word (the Bible), and getting to know Jesus – we will find our identity and purpose.

Romans 12:2 (


His perspective.

Does the situation around you sometimes freak you out?

Sometimes it’s hard to see where God is.
That’s how the servant felt in 2 Kings 6:15-17 ( Yet Elisha had no fear! Why? Because Elisha’s eyes were open to what God was doing. Elisha saw the same enemy, but he also saw the power of God. Knowing God was all around him and stronger than any enemy, gave him confidence. His prayer was that the servant would see things that way.

My prayer for you is the same, that your eyes would be open to see things from God’s perspective and gain peace and confidence from that.


Happy New Year!

We live with ‘instant’ expectations. We know everything can’t happen immediately, but we still find our impatience levels rising if things move too slowly.

King Solomon drops a nugget from Ecclesiastes to bring perspective to the speed of our lives:

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (

There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.

There are rhythms that God creates for our own good and the good of creation. The timing is ‘right,’ creating patterns that are healthy and sustainable.

Does this describe you in 2019?

Pray for wisdom, asking God to guide your plans and pace for the New Year.




2019 is almost gone! It could’ve been a great year filled with exciting times and things to celebrate, or a tough year that you want to forget. Daniel understood the extremes of both of these realities and still writes:

God knows all, does all: He changes the seasons and guides history, He raises up kings and also brings them down, he provides both intelligence and discernment (Daniel 2:21)

Regardless of how it seemed like he was doing, Daniel had a rock-solid understanding of God’s role in the world and in his life. It’s a ‘view from above’ that makes things clear.

Ask God to show you 2019 from His perspective.