Man of your word.

Have you ever made a promise you couldn’t keep or has someone done that with you?
It can be painful and disappointing when this happens.

God doesn’t have this problem and Maverick City Music sings about this in their song “Man of your word”. In Joshua 21:45 ( we see that God promised many things to Israel and not one promise was broken. Everything he said came true.

So, whenever God promises you something in his word, remember that those promises will never be broken. If he said it then we can definitely believe it.


Sarah – God, her Promise Keeper

Sarah was married to Abraham. For years they were not parents but God promises that He will bless them with a child one day – that one day took vrek long to come – Sarah only fell pregnant at 90 years old – YOH!

The Bible doesn’t say much about how Sarah felt – she definitely had moments of impatience, doubt, sadness – she probably found it hard to trust God, that He would do what He said. God proves to her that He is a promise keeper in Genesis 21:1 (

God has not changed. He is still true to His Word. He keeps His promises. (Psalm 18:30 –


Promises never fail

Isaiah reminds us, ‘O Lord, You are our Father’ (Isaiah 64:8 – God is your Father, and He’s a perfect Father. A perfect Father only has loving thoughts towards you. He only wants the very best for you (though sometimes – often! – what you think is best may be different from what He knows is best).

Let these lyrics from Bethel encourage you today as you decide to keep trusting in your perfect Father: ‘I know Your thoughts, Your plans for me, are good. And I know You hold my future and my hope. Your promises never fail’ (


Beauty from mess

You don’t have to have lived very long to know our planet is seriously messed up. People and places and the way life rolls – it all reminds us daily that sin broke the world and we’re a mess. If that were the end of the story, there would be no hope, and no point to living.

BUT GOD! Listen to David’s song of gratitude and confidence in a good and perfect God who makes life worth living: ‘God’s way is perfect. All the LORD’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.’ (Psalm 18:30). That’s good news!