Break every chain

It’s been over one year since this messy pandemic.
But some of us are still battling daily.

The Israelites were freed from 400 years of slavery. They saw Yahweh pour out plagues upon Egypt to make Pharaoh let them go, part the sea to save them, and send them manna every day to provide for them in the wilderness.
Exodus 16:35 (

But they still complained and doubted God.
They needed to rid themselves from that slave mindset before they could step into the Promised Land.

Are you struggling to have faith in your wilderness?
I want to encourage you to trust God to break those chains that are holding you down.


New Year thoughts

God’s watching over the world doesn’t mean He misses the details of our lives. Jesus teaches the disciples that God’s care covers everything:

Look at the birds, free to fly, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to him than birds.Matthew 6:26 (

Have you ever thought that God might be too busy to deal with your problems? Not a chance! We see birds everywhere and know that God’s promise to provide for them is a double guarantee that He cares about you.

Pray, thanking God for His watchful care over 2019.