Selfies – For Yourself?

K so who’s posted a nomakeupselfie this week??

Make-up hides imperfections and accentuates good-points. It helps us present a face to the world that we think they will appreciate or like more. Sometimes our prayers and our giving can be used like makeup too! to get attention, and make people think better of our spirituality.

Jesus taught his disciples about praying and giving and warned them about doing so publicly Read his words in Matthew 6:1-6 here:

The #nomakeupselfie campaign has raised R140m for breast cancer, but I’m left asking what are our motives? (and does posting without donating help?) What are your motives as you move through Lent this week towards remembering our Saviour’s sacrifice?




My Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy – I keep comparing the worst I know about myself with the best I see in others. My other, spiritual, enemy also loves to remind me of my failures – rubbing them in. It’s so tempting to listen to them and despair of myself.

Jesus, remind me of the truth about me – yes, I am a broken and sinful person, but also someone who is supremely loved and blessed by you. Help me live in the richness of that blessing. Help me catch the lies about me I keep believing.

Help me show your grace to my friends who are fighting their own battles inside too.

Ephesians 1v3-23 here:


God’s Image Bearers – Out True Identity

Do you know who you are – really?

One of the highlights in the creation story in Genesis is what it says about who we are – made by God, male and female, in God’s image.

Being a teenager is a lot about discovering who you are. At the most basic level – truth is … you’re someone who bears the image of the Creator of the Universe. That’s actually pretty amazing.

How much of the temptation to gossip about others, or to lie about ourselves or hide behind the masks we create is because we’re insecure, because we’ve lost that core sense of who we are?

Ask God to remind you of your true identity today?

Read the story in Genesis 1v26-31 here:



Clean Record Books

‘If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness so that we can, with reverence, serve you.’ (Psalm 130v3-4)

Ever want to hide from God because of all the stuff in your life you’re not proud of? Here’s an uncomfortable truth: God knows everything about us. On our own we have no hope of being right with God. The good news is that God doesn’t ‘keep a record’ of all the ways we mess up. God forgives us if we open the dark parts of our lives to him and invites us into an intimate and reverent relationship with him.

That’s our God! That’s what God does. How could you respond?

Psalm 130 here: