Jesus’ Last Days – Hannah

You know how sometimes we wish that we knew what we gonna do tomorrow or in a week’s time or maybe even wondered when we gonna die?

Well Jesus knew. He knew he would die on Friday. He knew something bad was gonna happen but He also knew that it would save us. He turned to the Father in prayer and told him that He didn’t want it to happen but that God’s will be done.

Jesus died for us. He endured all that pain, beatings, ridicule, torture, blood for us.

We don’t know about tomorrow but God does. Even in the middle of darkness God’s got our back. He loves us.

Read about his last few days before death in Mark 14-15 here:

Hannah, 17, Johannesburg

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Re-Made In Christ

It seems to me that preachers keep trying to nail down an answer to what Easter’s all about. Ephesians 2v8-10 says it so well (read it here!

Jesus died on the cross so I could receive the gift of life in Him – not because of anything I’ve done, but because of His love for me. When the truth that I’ve been ‘re-made’ in Christ and called to a higher purpose begins to take hold of me, it seems God starts doing some really insane things with my life.

It’s helped me so much to focus less on what I need to do, and more on what God’s done for me as I face up to each day.


Duncan, 19, Cape Town


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