Jesus’ Last Days – Hannah

You know how sometimes we wish that we knew what we gonna do tomorrow or in a week’s time or maybe even wondered when we gonna die?

Well Jesus knew. He knew he would die on Friday. He knew something bad was gonna happen but He also knew that it would save us. He turned to the Father in prayer and told him that He didn’t want it to happen but that God’s will be done.

Jesus died for us. He endured all that pain, beatings, ridicule, torture, blood for us.

We don’t know about tomorrow but God does. Even in the middle of darkness God’s got our back. He loves us.

Read about his last few days before death in Mark 14-15 here:

Hannah, 17, Johannesburg

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Too familiar With The Cross?

Can we become too familiar with your cross, Jesus? After all, we wear crosses around our necks; they hang on the side of church buildings and they’re printed on the front of our bibles? There’s nothing comfortable about what you did on the cross, Jesus. Shame, humiliation, nakedness, rejection, abandonment, agony, separation.

Help me to experience these things too: shame at my sin that hung you on your cross; humility at the love you showed; safe and accepted as I bare myself to you; rejecting the temptations the world throws at me; and separation, being completely set aside for you. Help me to embrace the ‘discomfort’ of knowing you!



The Wrath Of God

Wrath. Now there’s a scary word – especially if it’s God we’re talking about… Uncontrolled fury, random acts of anger and destruction. That’s not what God is supposed to be like right?

What if we imagined God’s ‘wrath’ as a controlled, steady, relentless opposition towards everything that’s unjust or evil? Might make a bit more sense?

What if God saw US as unjust and evil and deserving of his wrath? Very scary thought!

What if Jesus knew that he would face God’s wrath for all of us – instead of us – for three hours on the cross? That was so scary Jesus begged God to not let that happen (Mark 14v35-36).

It did. On the cross Jesus experienced and saved us from God’s wrath. It’s done, finished.

Scary? Amazing?

Read Romans 3v21-26 here:

Jesus – King on a Cross

‘One of the criminals hanging alongside cursed him: Some Messiah you are! Save yourself! Save us! But the other one made him shut up: Have you no fear of God? You’re getting the same as him. We deserve this, but not him – he did nothing to deserve this.’ (Luke 23v39-41)

The day Jesus died, two men were executed alongside him. Only one of them truly understood that Jesus was an innocent man dying an undeserved death. Even though Jesus was dying an undignified death next to him, he called him King.

Knowing who Jesus really is might be the most important thing anyone can discover. Who is He to you?

Luke 23 here:

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