The God Particle?

A lot of scientists got really excited about the Big Bang Theory this week. The um, real theory – not the one about Sheldon and Penny…

What was the big deal? They found something pretty close to proof that the Big Bang Theory (14 billion years ago) is true (read the story here: )

Is that a challenge to what you believe about God the Creator? It shouldn’t be!

The Genesis story is not about how or when things came to be, it’s about who God is, who we are (and some other stuff too )

Let’s read the Bible to see what it says about God’s Story, our story and God’s new creation plan. Let’s listen to the scientists about how exactly the world around us works. It’s an awe- and worship-inspiring picture…



God’s Image Bearers – Out True Identity

Do you know who you are – really?

One of the highlights in the creation story in Genesis is what it says about who we are – made by God, male and female, in God’s image.

Being a teenager is a lot about discovering who you are. At the most basic level – truth is … you’re someone who bears the image of the Creator of the Universe. That’s actually pretty amazing.

How much of the temptation to gossip about others, or to lie about ourselves or hide behind the masks we create is because we’re insecure, because we’ve lost that core sense of who we are?

Ask God to remind you of your true identity today?

Read the story in Genesis 1v26-31 here:




Do you know Sara Bareilles’ song Brave? Check these lyrics out:

‘You can be amazing / You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug / You can be the outcast / Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love / Or you can start speaking up …

…I wonder what would happen if you / Say what you wanna say / And let the words fall out / Honestly, I wanna see you be brave’

Paul said ‘speak the truth in love as we grow to be more like Jesus.’ (Ephesians 4v15)

Is there love-filled truth you need to speak today? A word to encourage or make someone feel loved? Or maybe: ‘stop, enough!’

Go on – be brave, loving, kind with your words today.

Watch the video here:

Read Ephesians 4 here: