#washyourhands #covid19

Remember when #selfie was a new word? Now the new buzz phrase seems to be #washyourhands!

They say we should wash our hands for 20 seconds. Some people came up with the idea of saying “The Lord’s Prayer” while you wash your hands. Pretty cool idea! Imagine the change we can make by praying every time we wash our hands.

Another thing: while you wash your hands, look at how unique they are. No one else has your fingerprints! “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139)

Let’s #washourhands and lift our country and its people up to Jesus in prayer. He is mightier than Corona!


Uniquely Purposed

When God created us, He created us for a special purpose. With a unique set of skills, talents, strengths etc.

So when God calls us to work for Him, He simply asks: “What’s in your hand?” Just as He asked Moses ( Whatever skills, talents and strengths you have already been blessed with, can be used for the kingdom of God!

Sometimes we feel so insignificant, and not worthy enough to be used by God. But like Moses, we shouldn’t be focusing on what we can’t do, but on what God can do through us!

This is where our confidence should come from.