Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla returns and is causing chaos – Kong is taken out of containment. This obviously leads to an epic battle between these titans. But something else is going on behind the scenes. Godzilla and Kong figure out they need to work together and fight against the common threat.

Romans 15:5(

This verse basically speaks about being on the same page with each other. Godzilla and Kong needed each other. It’s a super chaotic time in our country right now, we need each other more than ever. Let’s trust and rely on God to help us. Let’s pray for unity, and for peace (harmony) in our beautiful land.



The majority of Lego Movie 2 is full of chaos, disunity and destruction. Whilst watching it I was reminded by the world we live in, it often feels like all there is chaos, disunity and destruction. We see the Lego piece moved by a brother and sister who are arguing, at the end of the movie we see them put their differences aside and become united again.

The church can be like this – more disunity equals more chaos; more unity equals more fruitfulness. I wonder how you can help the church to have more unity? It’s through our unity the world will see God.

John 17:23 (