You are valuable.

“And the Lord God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife.” Genesis 3:21 (

Sometimes life can be messy. At times this is because of our own doing and other times because of unforeseen circumstances. In this passage of scripture Adam and Eve had been banished from the garden, but the powerful thing is how God still clothed them. Not wanting them to walk around in shame, still wanting them to know that He will continue to take care of them wherever they may find themselves.

So remember, no matter how chaotic things get, you still matter to God.
You are valuable to Him.



Have you ever felt unwanted? Left till last when choosing teams, uninvited to a party? Life can be cruel and make us feel worthless and unwanted.

Mephibosheth felt just like that, describing himself as a dead dog (
But David said to him ‘I want you to eat with me every day’. He was somebody David wanted to be with, showing he was valued.

God says the same to you. He desires relationship with you, He wants to spend time with you. You are wanted by the greatest One in the universe.

Hold your head up high and take advantage of that amazing opportunity.




People say things about us all the time. They are just words, but we take them to heart and believe them. In 2 Samuel, Mephibosheth was called a cripple (i.e. useless) and so saw himself as useless too.

If we allow ourselves to be defined by these lies, we forget our true value. How silly is that? Letting others control us when they don’t really know us.

Don’t let what others say change you. Be defined by HIM who knows you best. And HE says you are loved, adopted, valuable, chosen. So stand up tall and fulfil your destiny.

1 John 3:1


Shine Bright

Diamonds are beautiful and one of the most popular gemstones sold around the world. It is a super precious stone that many would not part with. It also costs insane amounts. To find diamonds one has to dig deep – and when found they are usually covered in dirt. The dirt does not change their worth.

To God, we are WAY MORE precious than diamonds. We are most precious.
Psalm 49:8 says, “For a soul is far too precious to be ransomed by mere earthly wealth.”

Today know that you are precious, you are valuable, you are worth more than diamonds – so shine bright!

Also read Matthew 10:29-31 (