I LOVED The Hunger Games movie!

I loved the heroine Katniss and how she faced up to the horrible, gruesome fight she was forced into. I loved how she overcame it all without giving up her unique identity, using her skill and just the right weapons to overcome everything that was stacked against her. Like Katniss we’re in the arena – called to live for Jesus in world that doesn’t know him.

That’s hard! But like Katniss we have just the right weapons: faith, peace, salvation, the Bible, prayer so that we too can stand firm. Life is hard and ugly sometimes, but there’s hope and the promise of rest for those who overcome.

Read Ephesians 6v10-18 here:




What would you do if someone deposited R250 000 into your account and it seemed like no-one would ever know? Seriously, how much cool stuff could you buy with that?!

That actually happened to a 16-year old in Georgia, USA recently. The guy bought himself a car and a whole lot of McDonald’s meals :/

Psalm 33v5 says: ‘The Lord loves righteousness and justice, the whole earth is filled with his unfailing love’

Righteousness is about being in right relationship with God, with yourself, and with others – even the people who make mistakes. Righteousness is about loving people – even (especially!) when no-one’s looking.

The guy eventually turned himself in to the police.

How much space is there in your heart for doing things the ‘right-relationship’ way?

Ask God for more?

Psalm 33 here:


Death On The Heels Of Sin

You might wonder what the big deal is about sin. Especially if you reckon that what’s going on in your life isn’t really hurting you or anyone else. Thing is, that’s always a lie. Paul says, ‘A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough’ (Galatians 5v9). Which means that even just a little bit of secret sin somehow affects the community you’re in – your family, classmates, whoever.

Death – like the death of a friendship, or the death of someone’s trust, or the death of your purity – always follows on the heels of sin.

I’m so grateful for Jesus who redeemed me and restored my life and put me at peace with a perfect, holy God.

Galatians 5 here:



Initiated or Baptised?

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Where do we as ‘Jesus-friends’ get our identity and values from?
Our friends? Our family? Our music? Our culture? Our language? Our faith?

27 young men died tragically this week in cultural initiation ceremonies in Mpumalanga. Parliament is debating the issue of cultural practices today. Being a Christ follower is not always easy you may have noticed?

Sometimes there are moments when our friends/family/music/culture has values that are different from those Jesus encourages us to follow:

Western Materialism vs Generosity?
Male dominance vs Equality?
Ancestors vs One High Priest?

Read Galatians #v27-29 here:

Jesus, help us to identify which values align with how you lived and to leave behind the values which don’t.