Are there dark places in your life? Do you have much hope that things will get better as Christmas draws near? Here’s some good news from an ancient prophecy:

‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned’ (Isaiah 9v2)

That’s a promise from back then of what Jesus would one day be. It’s still a promise for all of us right now: ‘anyone who is living in darkness now will see a great light If life seems like dark death, a sunrise is on its way.’

Christmas is about celebrating (and still waiting for) that great light. It’s on its way!

Read Isaiah 9 here:




Songs Of Salvation

Do you ever sing songs to yourself when things get really tough? Way back in 1971 a guy called Gavin Bryars came across a homeless man in London singing these lyrics:

‘Jesus’ blood never failed me yet / Never failed me yet / Jesus’ blood never failed me yet / There’s one thing I know / For he loves me so’

He was repeating them over and over to himself. Bryars recorded and looped it into a powerful 74-minute track.

So simple but it’s the heart of our faith! Jesus’ blood is the unfailing sign of God’s unfailing love for us.

Are things or people failing you? How about singing that homeless guy’s song a few times over to yourself this week?

Listen to Jars of Clay’s cover here:




Eyes on the Unseen

How are you feeling as you get ready for today? Are you thinking of the things you’re struggling with: conflicts you’re caught in, the test you haven’t really studied for, the habits you’re definitely going to avoid today? Or are you focusing on something better?

Someone once said we tend to move towards the things our eyes are focused on. Is that true for you? What if you fixed your eyes on what is unseen, the hope to which Jesus has called you, the fearfully and wonderfully made person you are, and on Jesus himself who is God’s great YES to us?

Great verse on that in Ephesians 1v18:


Milo April – Encouragement Mix

Hey WordSpacers, Milo April here. I’m a Christian Hip Hop DJ and you might have heard my previous mix. This time I’ve got something a bit different…

I know many young people who struggle with the issues that life throws at them, so I decided to put together an exclusive mix with songs that are filled with encouragement. If you struggle with self-acceptance, dealing with growing up without a father, struggling to get over your guilt with sin and basically everything else in between then here’s a mix for you. I pray that it encourages you, because that is the point of it.

Here’s the link to it:

or if that doesn’t work try this:

You can even download it for free!!

Enjoy 🙂