Sometimes life just does not go according to plan. Sometimes things don’t work out how we hope they will. Some days, disappointment is real. Listen to the #wisewords of the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk, who says, ‘though the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines. Though the crop fails and there are no sheep in the pen. Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be joyful in God my Saviour’ (Habakuk 3:17-19)

Read some more wise words here in Proverbs 23:18:



Joseph’s brothers resented Joseph so much that they sold him to some traders who took Joseph away to be a slave in Egypt. (You can read Joseph’s story in Genesis 37). If anyone had a reason to be angry and unforgiving, it was Joseph. But instead, Joseph was able to see how God used his tragedy for good. And when he came face to face with his brothers again, Joseph was able to say ‘don’t be afraid of me, even though you intended to harm me, God used it for good’ (Genesis 50:20).

How can you offer wise words of grace to another today, because of the way God has been good to you?

Read Proverbs 11:30 here:



“You are a human being not a human doing.” (Obey the Sabbath)

Have you read the creation story in Genesis? Have you read the 10 commandments?
On the seventh day after creating (working), God rested! He deemed resting so important that He made it one of the commandments!

Ecclesiastes 3 also speaks of various times. “A time to uprootA time to build”
It’s very good to work well, but one also needs to give your body a break and rest! That saying “work hard, play hard” needs to have “rest hard” added to it too.

You’re allowed to say no to some invitations. Don’t burn yourself out!
And sleep is also a good thing, the Proverbs tell us so here:



What’s the one thing would you ask for if you could have anything in the world? In 1 Kings 3:3-14 God appears to Solomon in a dream and tells him he could have anything his heart desired, all he had to do was ask. Solomon pretty much shocks the whole world by asking for wisdom. Seriously, wisdom? Not more money, or fame, or more stuff!

In Proverbs 8:10-11 Jesus tells us that wisdom is exactly what we should desire above silver and gold – that wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. As you chat with God today, ask Him to give you more of His wisdom.

Read about Solomon here:
Read Proverbs 8:10-11: