Be good news.

Solomon says, “Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty” (Proverbs 25:25 –

You will say a lot of words today. Anywhere between 7-10 THOUSAND words according to some sources. That’s a lot of talking. Sure, some of your words are on repeat. Many of them won’t be found in the Oxford English Dictionary but that’s still a lot of words.

Make your words today about ‘good news’.

Words that encourage others. Words that bring out the best in someone. Words that build up the self-image of a friend. Words that take away the burden of another.




I need to know what to do, but God seems silent.

In the bible God spoke through DREAMS. In Acts 16:9-10 ( God used a dream to show Paul where to go. In Genesis 28:10-17 ( God used a dream to encourage Jacob. In Acts 10:3-8 ( God guides Cornelius through a dream to do something that would change His life forever.

And this still happens today, there are many stories of people in Muslim countries who have never met a Christian, but are seeing Jesus in dreams and coming to faith as a result.

Lord, help me be open to you speaking through the miraculous and not just discard it when you do.




Does God answer prayer?
When Daniel was thrown to the lions, we see in Daniel 6:22 ( that God shut their mouths. When asked what happened, Daniel recognised it was a direct Result of God’s work.

You can see God speaking and answering your prayers through the RESULTS of what He does in the world around you. Yet, often you are so busy with your life that you miss what He is doing.

Open your eyes to what He is doing, when you look at the world and see that He is speaking through His actions.

Lord, help me to look for how you are working all around me.



Words have power.

Proverbs 18:21 ( speaks about how our tongue has the ability to inspire life or death – meaning that you are responsible for how other people are influenced by your words and actions.

Sadly, too many people don’t think before they say something that could potentially hurt someone else.
This verse shows something about God’s anger and frustration when someone speaks without thinking about how the other person might take it.

I believe that God wants us to inspire people around us.
How are you inspiring in the lives of the people around you?