He’s looking for you.

Have you ever lost something really important? Recently I lost my ID card and I had to look everywhere for it. I looked in all my clothes pockets, under the seats in the car, everywhere. Just like I’ve gone all out looking for my ID card, in the parable inLuke 15 :8-10 ( we see the woman looking for a lost coin, andrejoices when she finds it.

The lengths God goes to, to find us and the celebration He has when He does, shows the value God places on us. God sees you as valuable and precious. Praying that you’ll understand how much He values you.



Teens. Yes You!

The Bible doesn’t talk about teens. During Jesus’ time being a teenager wasn’t a specific period of life like it is today. Some of what Jesus says about children is often forgotten when it comes to teenagers.

Matthew 18:5-6 ( gives a harsh warning saying it is better for someone to die than to make a child stumble. This does not mean we need to start killing people. Rather it shows how much value God gives to you as a young person – God wants you to grow spiritually without hinderance.
God views you as valuable and someone to be cared for.



Your worth.

It is so easy to feel boring, worthless, and not cared for – especially when we see people living their best lives, often a false reality on Instagram & TikTok. As people who have chosen to follow Jesus, your worth and value is not something which is dictated by others or society.

Psalm 127:3 ( says that children (and teens!) are a gift from God, they are a reward from Him.
Today, remind yourself that you are a gift from God.
How does this perspective change the way you feel valued and cared for?



Not enough sand.

When did you last walk along a beach or hike somewhere?
How much sand is there? What about the sand from all the beaches and deserts combined?

Meditate on Psalm 139:17-18 (; 23-24 (
Incredible hey?!

God’s thoughts concerning you outnumber the grains of sand! That’s how valuable you are to Him!
As He thinks so much about you, lovingly, as our Creator Father God; we can trust Him to test our thoughts that He knows so well, correct us, and lead us in His ways.

Why don’t we pray along with the psalmist in these verses?